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tablerunner Brewster General Store 18" x 22" Fabric Panel for Quilting, Crafts and Sewing
Crazy Cape
Price: $23.00
Cranberry Bog Tails
Price: $24.00
The fabric is 11" x 36" , made of 100% Organic Cotton, and is designed to be a table runner. It also can be cut into blocks for cornerstones in quilts!
The Brewster Store 18" x 21" organic cotton sateen fabric panel celebrates Americana and a way of life on Cape Cod. Make a quilt, a pillow or beach bag with it. Your project will make a great gift to someone who loves Cape Cod. Bog Tails, a 28 x 22 organic sateen panel, celebrates Cape Cod's storied role cultivating and establishing cranberry farming as a particularly American agricultural product. The fabric tells many WWII stories through its depiction of cranberry box labels and news-related stories. This fabric is great for quilts, wall hangings, and pillows. The fabric is fun to read and sure to inspire conversations. This 18x18 organic cotton sateen panel includes signs for 18 towns on Cape Cod and two generic "Entering Cape Cod" signs. A yellow star fish acts as a locator pin on the map of Cape Cod in the sign's center. Each sign is 3.75 x 3.25. They're  designed to be cornerstones, blocks and fabric that are pieced or appliqued into projects to introduce.