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Brewster General Store 18" x 22" Fabric Panel for Quilting, Crafts and Sewing Row By Row Experience Shop Hopping With Friends Cape Cod Double Dory 18" x 28" Fabric Panel For Quilting 'n Crafting
Cranberry Bog Tails
Price: $24.00
Double Dory
Price: $23.00
The Brewster Store 18" x 21" organic cotton sateen fabric panel of a beloved Cape Cod destination. Great for quilts, pillows or beach bags. Relive fabric shop hopping with your buddies with this Row'd Trip panel. Make quilts, wall hangings; and large pillows with it. The Bog Tails fabric panel celebrates Cape Cod's storied role cultivating and establishing cranberry farming. It is great for quilts, wall hangings, and pillows. The dory fishing boats of New England are legend in our country's history. This 18" x 28" organic cotton sateen fabric panel is great for pillows, quilts, wall hangings and quilting crafts.
Mayflower Moon
Price: $20.00
Crazy Cape
Price: $23.00
They Mayflower's journey to the new world was harrowing! But the pilgrims also probably witnessed glorious night skies and ocean wonders! This organic cotton sateen fabric panel celebrates the mysteries of the voyage. A collection of the icons of Cape Cod: each one symbolic of town, place, or an aspect of life on the cap. The organic cotton sateen panel makes great table runners, quilt rows, and wall hangings. Cape Cod residents and visitors alike relish the Nat'l Seashore's pristine beaches and marine life! This fabric panel features it and Highland Light in Truro, one of the most historic and still powerful lights in New England. Relive you beach memories with the Cape Cod Beach house fabric panel. Great for pillows and quilting projects.
Provincetown Fabric Art Panel Nauset Light Table Runner or wall hanging organic cotton sateen panel Lighthouses of Cape Cod organic cotton sateen fabric
Nauset Light
Price: $22.00
PTown is a top Cape Cod destination. Relive your visit by sewing this fabric into a quilt, pillow, or wall hanging. 18" x 18" organic cotton sateen panel of 18 Cape Cod towns plus two generic "Entering Cape Cod" signs. Each sign is 3.75 x 3.25. Use for keystones, quilt blocks and applique projects. Nauset Light and beach are a top Cape Cod destination. This fabric panel makes a great table runner, quilt row, or wall hanging. The lighthouses of Cape Cod capture the hearts and minds of visitors, sailors, and residents with their tales of harrowing adventures and national, historic importance. This is a unique collection of lighthouses on fabric.